Everything Farmers need to know

How to plot disk for MaxiPool?

The following example is using command line tool. The GUI is easier to use and just need to remember the pool's url is:

chia plotnft create -s pool -u

It will ask you which wallet to use if you have several and it will show the pool info and ask you if you’re sure. Do chia plotnft show and take note of your “P2 singleton address (pool contract address for plotting)”, that’s the address you’ll need to create plots.

Now you can make plots tied to the NFT you just created with,

chia plots create -c <your P2 singleton address>

How to join the MaxiPool?

Follow the official document on how to plot the disk and join in the mining pool.

The mining pool url is:

If you use command line, you may use the following command to plot the disk to join the maxipool.

chia plotnft create -s pool -u

If you want to join maxipool using your new plotted disk from other pool, you may use the following command.

chia plotnft join -i 1 -u

Start your farmer!

chia start farmer

How to verify your miner to MaxiPool?

# run the following command to find the finger print of our wallet
chia keys show

# find your launcher ID using the following command
# make sure the ID can be found in
# if you have many plotnft, find the wallet ID of the NFT farming on MaxiPool
chia plotnft show

# using your wallet ID of the NFT farming on MaxiPool, assuming it is N
# sign a message of launcher_id using the following command
# the right suffix should be N*10000
chia keys sign -d <launcher_id> -f <wallet fingerprint> -t m/12381/8444/6/the_suffix

# submit your signed message to maxipool

TBA: demo video

How to plot disk using MadMax?

One recommended fast plotting program is

You'd download and built the madmax chia-plotter at first. Then you create the plotnft on maxipool. Use the "P2 singleton address" from chia plotnft show to plot your disk.

chia plotnft create -s pool -u
chia plotnft show
chia-plotter -t <your tmp dir> -d <your final dir> -c <P2 single address>

How to claim rewards from MaxiPool?

Rewards will be distributed to every miner upon the mining of a block in the beginning. The MaxiPool will update the system to rewards miners with a threshold of the rewards.

How to register to MaxiPool?

  • Sign-in using Ethereum wallet (recommend Metamask Wallet)

  • Find your launcher ID

  • Sign a message with your launcher ID

  • Submit your info in the registration page

How to find my Launcher ID?

Each miner is identified by a unique launcher ID when the miner created the mining NFT singleton on the Chia network.

If you mine Chia using command line interface, you can find the launcher ID using the following command, chia plotnft show

> chia plotnft show

Wallet height: 412262
Sync status: Not synced
Wallet id 2:
Current state: FARMING_TO_POOL
Current state from block height: 290862
Launcher ID: c0443cafdeacc676e558b2a4a4b2f59217ff4a3d450dcba93bbb6a07f13f85cb

If you min Chia using GUI, you can find the launcher ID in the following screen ... screenshot TBA

Why do I need to register in the MaxiPool?

MaxiPool is a decentralized mining pool developed by MaxiDAO. MaxiDAO plans to issue the MAXI governance tokens to all farmers. The MAXI token is an ERC20 token on Ethereum or Ethereum compatible blockchain. In order to receive the MAXI governance token, farmers need to register their Ethereum address to the pool using Metamask wallet. Farmers can still join the pool without registering the Ethereum wallet. However, you won't be able to receive the MAXI governance token if not registered.

Why do I need to sign the message using Chia CLI?

In order to prevent others impersonate the farmer, each farmer has to prove you own the farming plots. To sign a certain message using your own private key is the standard cryptography process to prove the ownership. Your private key won't be leaked during the signing process.

Check this post for more details on the signing process to prove ownership.

How do I know I have joined the MaxiPool?

There are several methods.

  1. you may check the dashboard of the pool to find your launcher ID. Noted the dashboard may have some latency before your launcher ID can be found there.

  2. If you are farming using GUI, you may find your farming info by checking your plot NFT.

  3. If you are farming using Chia CLI, you may run the following command, chia plotnft show.

What are the pool fees?

The pool fee is 2.5%, and the MaxiPool will issue MAXI governance token to farmers later after TGE (Token Generation Event).

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