Maxi Labs Roadmap

Roadmap of Maxi Labs

The main goal of Maxi Labs Inc. is to develop the MAXI token distribution and token economy smart contract for MaxiDAO.

Within 6 months, the Maxi Labs Inc. shall finish the smart contract to generate and distribute the MAXI tokens to the community and DAO, to be fully decentralized and governed by the DAO.

  • Month one:

    • MAXI token generation event on Ethereum.

    • Compound governance module

    • Setup multisig account

    • Pre-allocated token in multi-sig accounts

      • Team: 10% - vesting contract / multisig

      • Investor: 15% - vesting contract / multisig

      • Miner: 20% - vesting contract / owned by governance

      • Community Development Fund: 4% fully vested / multisig

      • Treasury: 51% - managed by compound governance

    • Team locking and vesting contract (claimable)

    • Investor locking and vesting contract (claimable)

    • Miner rewards page based on DB records - offchain

  • Month two:

    • Miner - vesting on-chain

    • using L2 or sidechain solution?

  • Month three:

    • MAXI staking logic to farm additional MAXI tokens

    • MAXI token LP rewards with 2/3 locking of 6 months

    • MAXI token distribution to farmers, claimable

  • Month four:

    • MAXI staking to generate veMAXI

  • Month five:

    • veMAXI governance

  • Month six:

    • dissolve Maxi Labs

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