MaxiDAO Holiday Message

Hello MAXIDAO family,

First of all, we wish you, your families, and friends a wonderful holiday! Thank you for your continuous support and we would not be here without you all!

Things have been brewing at MAXIDAO since June this year and we are excited for the future. Since our humble beginnings as a mining pool, we created a formal engineering development and launched the WXCH chain bridge and MAXIPOOL mining pool. We experienced rapid development at MAXIDAO. We began as a group of 4 passionate individuals and that quickly grew to a 6-person founding team and 15-person core DAO. We garnered support from the Chinese community and added an additional 200 people to our DAO.

There are currently more than 120 farmers utilizing MAXIPOOL. We hosted three AMAs and had great conversations with the community. Tl;dr: The MAXIDAO community is thriving.

In an effort to push MAXIPOOL towards decentralization, the largest miner in our mining pool, who is also one of our partners, has withdrawn their computing power, about 160P. The calculation power of the mining pool is now stable at about 45P. Our token distribution is proportional to the miners' contribution, thus giving more miners equal access to MAXI tokens.

MAXIDAO’s goal is to be a DAO with an open and fair Web3 infrastructure. As we reflect on what we have accomplished so far, we believe we are heading in the right direction. We will continue to work on building, integrating, and developing the Web3 infrastructure.

Looking ahead to next year, our governance token, MAXI, will be released in Q1. We are working with a large community of CHIA miners to expand to more small- and medium-sized miners. The WXCH cross-chain bridge will also be available on BSC and EVM compatible public chains. We are also developing and expanding the Miners Task GPA system to engage more with the community. We will continue our community outreaches as one of our goals is to increase everyone's understanding of blockchain and Web3.

DAOs welcome more exploration and we are excited for the journey. Let's go into the new year hand in hand!

With love, MAXIDAO Founding Team

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