Governance policy and guidance

Pool parameters like pool admin fees, rewards cycles, and some future directions, will be decided by the community, for the community, and of the community through an on-chain vote procedure.

There are some tooling we are using in the DAO to manage the governance process.

DAO Tooling is used to manage the contribution of the DAO and incentives of DAO members.

Each Epoch, DAO members will receive various number of GIVE token and they can send GIVE tokens to each other based on the contribution in each epoch. One Epoch is one to three month (TBD). The total amount of MAXI token allocate to each epoch will be proposed and approved by the DAO.

Daohaus is used to manage the DAO, member contribution and proposal voting. is used to manage the proposal of the DAO. Each MAXI token holders can join the MaxiDAO space and propose proposals, vote on proposals.

Tally is used to manage on-chain voting and governance. Via on-chain governance contract, proposals can be made on-chain and executed once the voting was passed.

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